New website

A screenshot of my old website with Django and Photologue

I started my personal website back in October 2018. By the time I used Django with Python 2.7 with an SQLite database. The photogallery was managed by Django-Photologue which allowed watermarking and metadata removal. However, not having updated the tech stack for a while, I found it impossible to safely continue using the website, especially since Python 2 is now history. While I could use Django and Photologue with Python 3 and redo the website (partially), I decided to drop anything with database since what I need is mostly serving static assets and my documents/notes in Org-Mode, Markdown (rare) and HTML formats. For this, I decided to program a system with FastAPI as the presentation layer - which is supposed to be replaceable by any other framework - and a converting facility utilizing Pandoc for export. Jinja2 templates are also used to serve the exported pages in the Templating system I wanted. This allows an experience very close to dragging and dropping my content files as well as photos, allowing complex nesting of the pages. The website code has the following features:

I also have some other features in mind that I hope I can develop in the near future in my free time:

There are also some other features that are ideal to have, but I don't know when I can get to implement them:

The new website code is free and open source and can be accessed in my Codeberg repository.