Scientific journal cover design

I designed and rendered this for our PNAS paper published on Feb. 2020 to be used as the journal cover. However PNAS decided on another design for the issue's cover (see what they picked for it).

The scene was designed and rendered in Blender 2.80. Here is a screenshot of the design in Blender. A render of an ABC transporter protein in the cell membrane targeted with EPR active-labelled nanobodies

This view depicts several instances of TM287-288, an ABC transporter protein in the cell membrane. The ABC transporter can be targeted by tailor-made nanobodies which carry EPR label (Gd3+ in this case). This allows precise distance measurements using DEER, allowing to characterize the transporter in its different inward-facing and outward-facing states.

The published paper can be found here

For a complete description of distance measurements using Electron Paramagnetic Resonance techniques, take a look at my PhD thesis here